DIY Delivery

Locally now offers DIY (Do It Yourself) Delivery to stores as an option for stores to complete their own local deliveries on their own terms.

How to set up DIY Delivery

Stores can be set up to accept DIY Delivery orders from their Locally account here. Select DIY as the carrier, and click the box that says "To enable, check this box and then email to request activation". Then you can fill out your DIY Delivery preferences. If you click the "Use A Flat Rate" button you can enter the amount that you would like to charge online customers for DIY Delivery. If you do not enter a flat rate there will be no cost to the customer to request DIY Delivery. You can also specify how far in minutes or miles the store is willing to deliver an order. Once this has been configured, reach out to in order to be activated.

Step-by-Step Order Process

Someone has placed an order for DIY Delivery at your store! What do you do next?

Step 1: When an order is placed, you'll be notified via email and/or text.

Click the link in the email/text to open your order screen. You can also load your orders at any time from the Order History screen in your Locally dashboard. 

You have four hours during business hours to reply to the customer. Within these four hours you will receive email and/or text notifications every 30 minutes until you confirm/deny the order. 

If you do not respond within four business hours, the order will auto-cancel. When the order is auto-cancelled both the store and the shopper will receive an email and/or text letting them know that the order has been cancelled due the the store not responding to it. Auto-cancellations are monitored and can affect your ability to continue to accept orders on the platform. If an online payment order is auto-cancelled the customer's card will not be charged for the order.

Step 2: Check your stock and confirm the item is available, and then confirm the order.

To confirm the DIY Delivery order, click "Resolve this order request" on the order screen and confirm the order, including any messaging you'd like. The shopper's card is charged when you confirm the order, and the charge to the shopper will show up on their credit card statement as being from your store. Once confirmed, the money is directly deposited into your Stripe account within 48 hours. You can load your Stripe dashboard here, and if you need to refund the order at any time, follow these instructions.

This is what the order will look like once confirmed. 

Step 3: What if the item the customer requested to purchase is not in stock?

If someone has requested an item to be delivered via DIY Delivery but you do not have the item in stock, decline the sale by selecting "Resolve this order request" and unselect the confirmation box and send a message to the customer explaining why you cannot fulfill the product.

When a shopper places a DIY Delivery order, their credit card is authorized when the order is placed, but the card isn't actually charged until you receive the request and confirm the order. A temporary hold is placed on the shopper's card for the amount of the item, so if the order is not confirmed, Stripe will release the hold on the shopper's card within 5-10 business days. 

Step 4: You have the item ready to go and are ready to deliver it to the customer, now what? 

Click the "Driver on Way" button to let the customer know that someone is on the way to them with their item(s). After the items have been delivered to the customer, click "Delivery Complete". 

Here is what the order screen will look like after the order has been marked as complete. 

   What if the customer returns a Locally order? 

Follow the instructions in this article.

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